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Meet Sue! BFIT Fitness Trainer


Hey everyone!! My name is Cassandra, I have been working towards my health and fitness goals since 2015. I am an online health & fitness coach, as well as a registered nurse. I am a functional nutrition & metabolism specialist, currently receiving further education into a gut health to help those who struggle with gastrointestinal issues. Initially, my relationship with the gym & food was very unhealthy. I was unable to find balance, which led to restrictive eating patterns and a lack of self confidence. I didn’t believe in myself, I didn’t push myself, I thought my metabolism was “broken”. I am here to help you avoid going through all of the hardships. I am here to help make the gym a less intimating place, and somewhere you can come to work on yourself! I have a strong desire and passion to help you during your journey of becoming the strongest version of yourself— mentally & physically. You aren’t broken, you are so much stronger than you think… It is so important to approach the gym & fitness in the most healthy and sustainable way so that you enjoy the process, not dread it. Can’t wait to unlock your true potential together!

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Sue has been a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor for over 30 years. She is passionate about living an active, healthy lifestyle and loves to  motivate others who want to do the same. She loves interacting with people and helping them achieve all of their fitness goals. She truly feels that if you feel healthy and fit on the inside you shine on the outside! Not only will Sue be teaching cycle every Friday at 8AM, but she will be taking on clients to train as well!

Become the healthiest version of yourself with Sue!

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Hi my name Is Christine, I have been a Certified personal Trainer since 2017, I have taught group sessions as well as one on one sessions, training with clients who range in age from 16 to 85 years old. I always say that your fitness journey is unique to you, I make sure as a trainer I am personalizing my training style to your goals. My main objective is to make sure that you feel comfortable in the gym and provide easy to follow plans to get the results you are after.  I will encourage you towards becoming your best version of yourself both mentally and physically while giving you the tools and knowledge to feel confident when building healthier lifestyle habits. Join me today to explore everything you are capable of at Bfit in Norton!

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Walter has had a passion for health and fitness at a very young age. As a child, Walter was always very active. Participating in sports, he decided to take on weightlifting and bodybuilding at the age of 18. His passion grew stronger when he decided to help others achieve goals just as he did. Since 2004, Walter became a Certified Personal Trainer through N.E.S.T.A (National Exercise Sports Trainers Association). He has helped many people of different ages and lifestyles. Walter’s diverse approach can specialize in weight loss, rehab/injury recovery, general fitness, college sports specific and competitive fitness shows. Walter’s approach is friendly, yet aggressive, to help his clients achieve their goals. His favorite words are, “you only compete against yourself, your results depend on how much you want it”. Schedule a complimentary session (with no strings attached), and witness yourself the steps and guidance of a healthier lifestyle.

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