Meet John! BFIT Fitness Trainer


With 7 years experience of personal training-

Certified Personal Trainer - International Sports Science Association (2012-2016) (2019-Present)

Specialties: Weight Loss, Strength Programs, Introduction to Olympic Lifting


John's journey as a personal trainer has only grown in the past four years when he himself took a turn away from fitness in his mid 20’s. As John puts it, “The demanding schedule of a sales manager in the automotive industry led me to live an unhealthy lifestyle and forget the very principles that I used to preach to my clients. My exercise routine, my nutrition, and my sleep were all impacted which led me to gain 60 pounds and weigh over 245lbs at 5’9.”


In 2018 John regained his edge and found himself on his own journey of Fit2Fat2Fit, a personal training book he once read in 2011 by Drew Manning. John has himself now lost over 60 pounds and is in the best athletic shape of his life. John says, "I now understand more than ever, those clients who are here for weight loss; because I too have had to go through a major transformation. In my original years of training I had been fit my entire life. I have a new appreciation and perspective for clients situations and the challenges they face along their journey to better themselves."


With the success of his own journey, John decided to once again train clients. He wishes to share his experiences physically and psychologically, to help you get yourself into the best shape of your life regardless of your starting point. He understands that success is dependent upon consistency and the drive to see change through. You are getting a highly motivating and patient coach to help you reach your highest fitness potential. 


Establish and Exceed goals with John!

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Meet Sue! BFIT Fitness Trainer


Sue has been a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor for over 30 years. She is passionate about living an active, healthy lifestyle and loves to  motivate others who want to do the same. She loves interacting with people and helping them achieve all of their fitness goals. She truly feels that if you feel healthy and fit on the inside you shine on the outside! Not only will Sue be teaching cycle every Friday at 8AM, but she will be taking on clients to train as well!

Become the healthiest version of yourself with Sue!

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Meet Bridgette BFIT Fitness Trainer.jpg


Bridgette has been an ACE certified personal trainer for 3 years but has been passionate about fitness for 7 years. Bridgette's fitness journey began when she initially started coaching family and friends for fun which developed into a career path. Along with personal training Bridgette is also in college full time studying Physical Education. Bridgette's life revolves around fitness and she wants to share her love, passion, and knowledge with everyone around her. Bridgette hopes to help inspire her clients everyday to become happier, stronger, confident, and more positive versions of themselves. She will create programs specially tailored to you and your goals. Now, let's crush those goals and have some fun!

Meet Pauly BFIT Trainer


Pauly is a certified personal trainer at BFit Norton. With a passion for fitness, I’ve been exercising since my early teenage years as it helped me combat obesity and discover healthy habits as well as completely turn me around as a person. Working out eventually led me to join my school wrestling team and that experience led me to become stronger as a person and discover the new limits of my mind. After graduating from high school, I then started training in Mixed Martial Arts which taught me how to defend myself and got me in the best shape of my life. During this time, I was always informally training people and giving them tips on how they could improve their workouts. This quickly became a passion of mine eventually leading me to study for my certified personal training license. My training style is a mix of function and power based on my experience training martial arts over the years; movements that will help you get ready for real life with the strength and power needed for it. My journey has filled me with passion and energy and I’m ready to impart that onto members. Certified Personal Trainer- National Academy of Sports Medicine (2021-) Specialties: Kettlebells, Boxing Mitts, Calisthenics